Stress. We all know that word, we’ve all experienced it, and we all hate it. It’s pretty much unavoidable in the rat race that is life, though. Stress is as much a part of our lives as death and taxes, but that doesn’t mean we have to lay down and just accept it. Stress can be dealt with, once you know how.

And since the new year is the best time to start doing new things, here are a few tricks you can use in 2022 to deal with your stress levels.


I know, I put it first because it’s the one most people are going to hate. When you’re thinking “comfort food”, the next thing that pops into your mind is very rarely a salad. Science, however, that boring thing, has determined that healthy foods have a bigger impact on stress reduction than the unhealthy snacks you gobble up when you’re sad. Basically, science says you’re doing it to yourself.


Again, we don’t mean “stay hydrated” by drinking lots of alcohol. Trust me, I know how good a glass of wine looks when you’ve had a horrible day, but caffeine and alcohol don’t do much to reduce stress levels. In fact, caffeine will even raise them further. Just drink water, that’s what Cristiano Ronaldo does, and he’s doing alright for himself.


The hardest thing for many people out there today. Sometimes you just need to let the world rot, sit in a comfy chair and just do nothing for a short while. Let your body and mind rest. And don’t forget: physically removing yourself from whatever is causing you stress, is also a surefire method of reducing said stress.